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About Protective Realm Training Academy:

Protective Realm Training Academy is based on the belief that

our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. *Our entire team is committed

to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from

repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your

trust and deliver you the best training services in the industry.


"AAA-Protective Realm Training Academy"


302 SW 1st Avenue

Grand Rapids, MN.

(218) 398-7818



Once a year Protective Realm Training Academy holds a Two (2) Day

Firearms Instructor Course.

Anyone wishing to sign up for the next "FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR COURSE,"

please go to the "Class Sign-up Page" and fill out the request to attend the next course.

The date will be chosen later.


Cost Per Person; TWO Hundred twenty ($220.00) Dollars.

Certification upon completion of the course; Certificate for:

Minnesota Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) as a Certified Firearms Instructor.

Students completing the "FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR COURSE"

who wish to open their own Company, must apply to The Minnesota Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) for their Company to be certified. 

Course Costs and Hours:

1. Permit To Carry Eight (8) hrs Firearm & Safety Training Course

"Permit To Carry A Handgun In Public, MN. Statute 624.714"

Cost Per Person; Initial 8 to 10 hours Certification or Renewal:

One Hundred twenty ($120.00) Dollars.

Students need to bring the handgun they will be carrying for personal protection to class

and for qualification bring 50 rounds

Several shooting exercises will be done. To participate in all exercises 50 rounds of

ammunition will be needed.

Travel Expenses For Training To Your Location;

Travel Expenses for fuel and lodging will apply for Instructors traveling to your location.

Fuel Expense will be charged at forty-five ($.45) cents per mile.

Accommodations, if over night stay is required, will be charged accordingly.

2. Group Discount For Civilian, Protective Agent and Private Detective Courses;

Groups of six (6) to ten (10) students attending any training course will receive a Group

Discount of Ten ($10.00) dollars per student.

Groups of eleven (11) or more will receive a Group Discount of Fifteen ($15.00) dollars per student.

3. Protective Agent,

 Initial Twelve (12) hour Pre-Assignment Course.

Cost Per Person; One Hundred twenty ($120.00) Dollars.

4. Protective Agent,

Yearly Six (6) hour Continuing Education Training Course

Cost Per Person; One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars per person.

5. Protective Agent & Private Detective,

Take Down, Handcuffing And Searching Training Course.



Initial Eight (8) hour Firearm & Safety Qualification Course.

Certifications upon completion of the course;

Private Detective And Protective Agent Certificate for;

The Private Detective And Protective Agents Services Board Of Minnesota,

Civilian and The Private Detective and Protective Agent Certificate for;

Minnesota Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).


Private Detective and Protective Agents; Cost Per Person: Initial Pre-Assignment Eight (8) hour Handgun & Safety Course One Hundred twenty ($120.00) Dollars. Yearly Re-Certification Firearm & Safety Training Course One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars. (Renewal)

      1. Payment will be made in full upon signing the class roster at the beginning of the class.

          NO student will be allowed to remain in the class if payment is not made in full at this

          time. Payment maybe made only with a cashiers check, money order or cash.

          Company checks will be accepted at the beginning of the course upon prior

          arrangements with the Senior Instructor Jim Owens. All checks, cashiers checks or

          money orders are to be made out to Jim Owens.

       1a). Personal Checks WILL NOT be accepted. (unfortunately we have been forced to make this     

              a Company Policy).

       2. Courses can be scheduled for one or two days. For the two (2) day training class

           hours will be set according to individual or Company schedule. Gas and Hotel cost

           will apply if Instructor's travel to your location and over night stay is required..

2a. Initial Civilian Students for the Firearm/Safety Training Course will ware regular clothing that are warn for everyday work.

2b. If the student is bringing a semi-automatic firearm, then the student is to bring

three (3) magazines and fifty (50) rounds of ammunition to class. If you cannot find any ammunition contact Jim Owens, (218) 398-7818. Students are to bring their magazine holder, gun belt & holster and any other equipment used while carrying for self protection or while on-duty.

2c. If the student is bringing a revolver, then the student will bring two (2) speed loaders and fifty (50) rounds or more of ammunition if you want to participate in all the shooting programs. If you cannot find any ammunition contact Jim Owens, (218) 398-7818Students are to bring their speed loader case, gun belt & holster and any other equipment used while carrying for self protection or while on-duty.

2d. Ammunition cost ARE NOT included in the firearm course. If possible

Students need to bring between fifty (50) to one hundred (100) rounds of ammunition, If you cannot find one hundred (100) rounds then at least bring fifty (50) rounds for the firearm they will be using for Qualification.

2e. .22 caliber firearms are not accepted for training in any firearm course at

"AAA-Protective Realm Training Academy" A .22 caliber firearm is not a proper firearm to be carried for personal protection or as an on duty weapon.